Team folders and a new Flows page

We are thrilled to announce the launch of team folders! You can now create folders to easily organize and work on Flows with your team. Read about all of the changes in detail here .

We also completely redesigned the Flows page to make it easier to find, organize, and manage your Flows. What was previously one page is now three distinct spaces:

  1. Home - this is your default landing page, and lists the Flows updated most recently
  2. My Flows - this is where your personal Flows live. This includes your private Flows, Flows you created and shared with specific people, and Flows that were shared with you directly.
  3. Team Flows - this is where your team Flows live. Here you can group Flows into folders (and sub-folders)! Flows in the team space are shared with your entire team, meaning anyone can find and access them.

You’ll also notice that Flows are now displayed in rows , designed to make it easier to identify the Flow you’re looking for:

To get started, we recommend creating folders and moving Flows into your team space. This will enable you to create a shared organizational system for your entire team, and make it much easier to find and collaborate on Flows.

There’s lots more to come, so please send us your feedback and ideas!