Please allow us to organize our flows in folders!

If you build lots of flows, it becomes very difficult to keep track of them without folders.

Folders would make it much easier to organize flows. It’s kind of a base level feature that everyone expects in products. Zapier, Integromat, etc have folders. :slight_smile:

Current workaround is to just add prefixes to all my flows, but still not anywhere as organized as folders.

Agreed. This is a feature that is missing that would be extremely helpful!


This would be super helpful. I have several VERY similar flows and even with a structured naming convention I still struggle to quickly find the flow I’m looking for.


Please please please integrate this! I have so many flows is becoming nearly impossible to find the one I need in a decent amount of time

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At least in the past we could rearrange the flows and so change the order of them – which allowed for some organization. IMO, the recent update which automatically arranges the flows has made the problem worse. So, something: folders, tags, etc. would be a great help.

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Really glad I read this. Someone made a comment above about using prefixes. I put a hashtag in my flow title and it worked just like a tag. So this is really a decent workaround for the moment. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier :slight_smile:

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Currently because we can’t use folders, I need to have prefixes on all my Flow titles, and my titles become too large for the current design of the My Flows page, which has the title in bold and way too large, so it only fits a small portion of my title.

So now I have to keep track of all my Flows in another document which is very frustrating.

Related request: let us show the full title of our flows on the My Flows page.