POST Request that requires form-data

I have a POST API request I need to make to retrieve an authorization bearer token and the service requires the body to be submitted using “form-data”. How do I construct that within Parabola? Typically you would construct it something like:

    "client_id": "123456",
    "client_secret": "abc12345",
    "scope": "api.read_only"

Hey Brian!

Right now, Parabola cannot send data using “form-data” body encoding. We support sending a raw JSON body at the moment. Unfortunately, there is not a good workaround for this. Can you send a link to the API docs? We can check to see if they support another method that we also support.

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t there would be a solution for sending “form-data” but I thought I would ask anyways. Here’s the link to the API documentation:

Hmm yeah looks like they need it to be form encoded. If you’d like, head over to #feature-requests and make a request for us to support this!