Square API - Gift Card Sales

Hi all

Trying to create a GL export from Square using Parabola. The only thing missing is Gift Card Sales. In the Transaction->Transaction API query, the Gift Card Sales column is coming over as all zeros, but the export from Square itself has Gift Card Sales data in there. For some reason, its being zero’d out in the API Pull. Anyone seen this before and knows how to fix?


Hi @Suzette_Polanco :wave:

Sorry again to hear about this issue. It is possible that there is a bug with our Square integration that is preventing the Gift Card Sales column from populating (our engineering team has been notified of the potential bug). We can try pulling in orders manually using Square’s API instead to see if that correctly returns the Gift Card Sales column.

Feel free to paste this snippet into your Parabola builder, which includes a pre-configured “Pull Orders from Square” API step based on this documentation from Square.

All that should be left for you to do is enter your location IDs in the “Request Body,” and enter your Access Token in the “Authentication” section. Instructions for finding your Access Token are linked here and in the card.

You can paste this snippet right in the builder: parabola:cb:71e6127058654288b8ae28169972560e

If you run into any issues setting up this API, feel free to reply to this post. Let me know if you’re able to pull in gift card data with this approach!