Spotify API - 403 - Forbidden Error "Insufficient client scope"


I’ve hit an error trying to get recently-played tracks data from my Spotify account.

I followed the OAuth steps in other posts in this forum, but I get a 403 - Forbidden Error "Insufficient client scope" when I do this. Is there a problem with the API Endpoint URL or URL Parameters I am using?

Screenshots of my spec below:
Pull from API main screen

Authorization step

Access Token step

Refresh Token step

Any help/advice much appreciated.

Hey @Nick,

In the first Authorization step, try adding a scope parameter and setting the value to user-read-recently-played.

For more information on using scopes, check out Spotify’s Authorization Scopes overview.

Let me know if that helps!

this worked - thanks @daniel!
Reading the docs in this link has also cleared up a lot of other questions, really appreciate the link.

While it’s fresh in my mind, I have some feedback on the authentication part of this step - a couple of things I noticed when using this step:

  • Clicking Re-authorize under Authentication removes a lot of the content previously entered, so I have to go back through and enter it again. That became v time-consuming as I was trying different setting combinations to see what would work.
  • When clicking the + Add button, I’m automatically pushed to the next step (2. Access Token) without being given a chance to enter the new parameter, which means I have to then manually navigate back to 1. Authorization to enter the details. If I want to add 3 parameters. that means going back and forth between the steps 3 times which is frustrating.

Is this something that can be addressed in the product? It would massively help new users like me experiment/make mistakes without having to spent lots of time re-entering information.

Really liking Parabola overall - it’s already massively improving my productivity, thanks for your help!