Save current data as dummy data

Context :

One of my flow is pretty long to complete because it has several API calls with delays between calls.
I’m looking for ways to make the flow editing process easier, because right now most of the time I want to modify something in my flow I’ve got to wait for the entire flow/data to update especially these API calls with delay.

  1. So a feature that would allow me to update steps without requesting the entire flow to update would be nice. Maybe something like “Save the current data as dummy data” where you get a “screenshot” of the data in the flow, then if you edit a step it edits this dummy data and doesn’t require to update the entire flow.

  2. save me a lot of time

  3. Wait or Skip most of the API calls with a shortcut but then the dataset is very incomplete.

It really feels like the flows are updating much more often than before.
I used to be able to do a good amount of work before the flow updated but now it looks like every new step added or step modification requires an update.

I chopped off half of my flow (copy pasted) to be able to keep working on the rest.

Maybe saving the entire flow’s data isn’t necessary. What about “:lock:Lock this step” : It would prevent the step from updating and keep the data as it is rn.
So when the flow updates this step’s data is already ready to use and no need to update it.