Shopify Product-Collection Relationships - collect_id missing

Hey Parabola community, I’m using Parabola to update a manual collection in Shopify, but am stumped by how to do this. The documentation for the Pull/Send From Shopify step provides clear instructions on how to “Delete Product-Collection Relationships” — but it seems the options mentioned in the documentation aren’t actually available in the flow.

What I need is the “collect_id” data for each Product in order to update the manual collection. But I can’t find this data. Am I missing something? I’ve pulled every column in the “Product Collections” data view, but no “collect-id” is returned.

The documentation states:

  • Use the Pull from Shopify step to pull in Product-Collection Relationships
  • You need 1 field mapped for this step to work… called a “collect_id”, and it is the “ID” column when you pull the product-collection relationships table

The documentation can be found here:


Hi @Roger - Happy to help! In the Send to Shopify step, the field you are mapping to is called “collect_id”. In the Pull from the Shopify step, the column is called “Collection: Id”. You’ll need to map the “Collection: Id” column from the Pull from Shopify step to the “collect_id” field in the Send to Shopify step.

Let me know if you have any questions!