RSS Feed as a source

Is it possible to set up an RSS feed as an import source? I have a news RSS feed that I would like to parse and send to a datatype on What is the best way to do this with Parabola? Thank you in advance.

You could try using Integromat to trigger the Parabola flow when the RSS is updated. Integromat allows you to create webhooks and custom actions to connect Parabola. Hope that helps.

You can also just use an API Import to pull in the RSS URL!

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Hi Brian,
Tried to do this but it didn’t work. It kept keeps trying to load and then a timeout. Any tips?


Hey @Tim_M - Do you know how large the file size is for the RSS feed?

It’s quite large. It is 25.6 MB in file size.

Hmm 25.6MB is still below our file size limit (~200MB) so based on file size, we should be okay. Here’s the list of other limitations.

Can you link us to the flow where the “Pull from API” step is timing out for you?

Hi Sachi. Sure it is here:

Hi Tim - Thanks for the link to the flow. I had an engineer help me take a look at this. We suspect that it’s running out of memory as we try to parse through the XML. If that is what’s happening, unfortunately, we won’t be able to read this file on Parabola. I filed a ticket so our engineering team can help me dig in further to confirm if it is indeed a memory issue. I’ll keep this thread updated with what we find.

Hi Sachi.
Thanks for the prompt review and thanks to the engineering team for looking at it. Shame, it can’t read the file as I wanted to only use one service platform. Will keep trying :slight_smile:

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