Pulling RSS feed using Enrich With API step

:wave: Hi everyone,

I’m trying to aggregate a bunch of RSS feeds and create one giant table.

The Pull from API step and the Enrich with API step can both work for pulling RSS feeds.

Here is the Pull from API step working on the exact RSS feed I want to pull:

I could use the Pull from API step with each unique RSS url, but then I have to manually update the flow anytime I want to add a new RSS feed.

The better option is to have an Airtable where I can quickly add RSS urls and then have Parabola pull that feed for each row/RSS url by using the Enrich with API step.

Here’s the problem:
When I use the Enrich with API step on the RSS feeds I’m interested in, it doesn’t work.

This is the exact same RSS url, with the exact same parameters, as when I do it using the Pull from API step and I have the Enrich with API step connected to an input (a dummy input, not being used).

I can send screenshots of my set up for my Pull from API step vs. my Enrich with API step if that’s helpful.

Any ideas?

Hey @Brian_Dawson :wave:

Happy to look into this for you! To start, do you know the approximate size of the RSS feeds and if the JSON schema is consistent amongst the feeds?

If you could post your “Pull from API” and “Enrich with API steps”, that’d be great. Feel free to send us an email at help@parabola.io if there’s any sensitive information.

Thanks @daniel!

I’m not sure how to assess the size of the RSS feeds. The JSON response is the same schema amongst many feeds.

But even before getting to many feeds, I can’t get the Enrich with API step to work on any one of the RSS feeds.

Here’s my Pull from API step, where pulling an RSS feed works:

And here’s my set up before my Enrich with API step, which pulls from Airtable and limits it to 1 row so that we can test if even one row can be enriched.


Lastly, here’s my Enrich with API step, where it doesn’t work:

Enrich RSS feed

These are RSS feeds from Upwork searches.

If I try another RSS feed, like the CNN RSS feed, it works:


Hi @Brian_Dawson

Are you sending a content-type as a custom header? Your RSS feed may not be sending a parseable response based on the content-type you are sending.

For example, if your content-type is set to application/json, try removing that custom header to see if you’re able to pull in your data.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thanks @daniel, that worked!