Remove Rows Step Not Recognizing Input Data


I’m unable to set the rules for the Remove Rows step in my flow. The error shown is “No input data” despite the Input tab having 97 rows of data (see below). Seems like a bug?


Hi @Marianna_Kerppola,

Is your flow still experiencing this state? This is an occasional, temporary state that occurs when something erred during the connection between two steps - more specifically during the latter step’s process of setting up and finalizing the connection (i.e. your step Remove rows). You can fix this usually through three ways:

  1. Disconnect the previous step’s arrow and reconnect it to that step again.
  2. Delete and replace the step experiencing this error.
  3. Duplicate the flow and reload it in the new flow’s canvas builder.

Let me know how that works out for you or if you'd like further clarification on the above!