Remove header in CSV or replace Header with another row

Hi guys, can someone suggest whether it is possible to remove Headers in CSV files in Parabola flow design and replace it with another row? Mainly, I receive CSV files not in the right format which blocks me from parsing this file further to the Airtable. I want to eliminate two rows, where one of the row is the header, and make the header another row. Is there such an instrument in Parabola, so far couldn’t find it?

Hi @Nargiza_Kurbanova - Happy to help!

While we don’t have a step to do this, we do have a snippet that would allow you to create new headers in this post here.

Once you’ve created those new headers, you can remove the extra rows (which would include the old header row) by using a Limit rows step to remove the first 2 rows.

I hope that helps but let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi @Emory_Stainbrook ,

This works great, thanks a lot!