Pulling fulfillment date and delivered date via Shopify?

Hey all,

Hoping to pull two pieces of information for every shopify order: (1) fulfillment date (i.e., when it was shipped, (2) delivered date.

I know this is somewhat accessible via the Shopify API but curious if there is a simple way to grab via Parabola?

Many thanks

Hey Matt!

This is a tricky one, but I’m looking into this with the team now. Fulfillment statuses and dates are pulled in with the Orders with Line Items. Make sure you’re set to pull in all columns as well:

As for the delivery date, I haven’t yet found where it lives in Shopify’s API. Hypothetically, you could reference the Updated At column for only orders marked as Delivered in their Fulfillments: Shipment Status column, but Shopify advises against using the Updated At field this way because there are a handful of other reasons it could change. I’ll keep looking around!

Thanks a ton JP.

I have found something in the Shopify documentation called DeliveredAt but I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Trying to find more info on it.

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