How to get the "paid at" date and time for shopify orders


I would like to ask the community, how do i extract the “paid at” field from shopify in parabola?

When I manually export the order data from shopify, there is a column “paid at”. From my search, this column is not available in the “pull from shopify” step.

Thank you!

Hi John!

Apologies for the delayed response. Hope you were able to find your answers but in case you were still looking, the Paid At field is located in Shopify’s Transactions API endpoint. We currently don’t have this endpoint included in our integrated step, however we are able to connect to this endpoint using our Enrich with API step!

Here’s a Parabola snippet you can configure with your Store Name, Order ID, and Shopify Access Token: parabola:cb:237db424-73c3-402c-b856-d050ac0da94e

If you get stuck getting connected to this API endpoint, feel free to email with your flow link so we can help out.


Hi Ayana

I managed to get the Enrich with API step working as stated in your message.

However, I found that Shopify’s Transactions API endpoint does not actually provide a “Paid at” field (unless I missed something).

To be clear, “Paid at” means the time at which an order was fully paid for (because some orders use delayed payments such as Cash on Delivery).

The Shopify’s transactions API seems to only give two possible fields:

  1. created_at
  2. processed_at

One must assume “Paid at” corresponds to one of the above but from my test it is neither.

In the screenshot below, you will see that even though the financial_status of some orders are still pending, the columns are all filled up (some cells should be blank if the order has not been paid for).

In summary, I am still unable to retrieve “Paid at” with Parabola even when enriching with Shopify Transaction API.

What am I missing?