Issue with **Pull from MySQL**

There may be an issue with Pull from MySQL.

I have a MySQL database with a row that is JSON data type, and when I view that row in Parabola it only displays ‘[object Object]’ and not the actual data.

Hi, just following up on this since it’s urgent. Thanks!

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for flagging this with our team! Would you kindly email us your flow link to so we can take a closer look?

If necessary, we can escalate this to our engineering team to unblock you. In the meantime, are you able to change the data type to a string to see if Parabola is able to parse the data and pull in some rows?

Keep us posted! We’ll be on the lookout for your email.

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Hi @daniel, thanks for offering to fix this via email. Just checking in on the status, since it’s urgent for us. Software is coming out in a few weeks and I want to make sure our system is working. Thanks!

Hey @daniel just checking in on this. Been 1.5 months now.

Hey @Nathan,

Thanks for the callout! I’ve pinged our engineers to provide an update on the bug report that was initially filed.

For context, our team merged a fix into our codebase about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, those changes had some broader effects which needed to be reverted.

Once I have any sort of update from our engineering team, I’ll follow up with your right away (most likely within 1-2 days). Really appreciate your patience as our team works through this.

Hi @daniel , thanks for the update. It seems to be working now! I’ll let you know if I hit any snags. Thank you so much.