Prevent parabola from deleting columns when stacking tables

I am trying to build a report that has data in cells A and B for the first 5 rows and A-G starting in row 7, but when I try to stack the two tables it does not keep the data in rows C-G. I tried adding numbers to my excel import template in C-D, but then I can’t find a way to delete the numbers in the header (cells C1-D1 need to be blank for the system to accept the file).

Any suggestions?

Hey @Brandon_Purcelly,

Try plugging in the table with columns A-G into the Stack tables step first. You can then plug in the smaller table with columns A-B next.

If you need to ensure that the smaller table is at the top of your stacked table, you can always use sorting rules on column C to push those blank cells to the top.

Let me know if that helps! Happy to further assist :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel,

That didn’t work for me because my second table has headers that I need to keep in place. When I sort the data the second table’s headers move out of place.

Hi @Brandon_Purcelly,

Saw that you commented on this post. Was the snippet useful in your case?

If you’re still stuck, feel free to email us a link to your flow at and we can take a look at your table structure to ensure they’re stacking correctly.