Parabola Pricing Update

Over the past year, we’ve received a lot of feedback on pricing from our (fantastic) customers. This feedback ranged from “it’s fine for now but I’m worried it’ll be unpredictable (and expensive) as we scale” to “I don’t understand it and therefore don’t know where to begin”.

As we set out to address this feedback, we started from first principles. Our goal has always been to make using Parabola as easy a decision as possible. The product should be simultaneously intuitive and powerful enough that if you know how to solve a use case manually, you already know how to solve it in Parabola. At the same time, the pricing should correspond to the value you’re getting such that you always feel like Parabola is paying for itself many times over. And overall, Parabola should enable you to explore, be creative, and iterate your way into building incredible things.

Based on your feedback, it was immediately clear our credit-based pricing didn’t meet those standards. The pricing model was so complicated it required an entire help doc to explain, some users felt they were underpaying while others were asked to pay a lot, and the constant fear of using credits inhibited creative exploration.

After dozens of one-on-ones with customers, we’ve come up with a new model that accomplishes a few key goals:

  1. When using Parabola for ad-hoc tasks, as long as you have an account you should be able to do as much work as you want without worrying about getting charged more. All of our new paid plans come with unlimited ad-hoc flows for each user.
  2. For scheduled flows (including those triggered by webhooks or inbound emails) you should know ahead of time how much they’re going to cost and that they can keep running indefinitely regardless of data size.
  3. The amount you pay should be correlated with the value you’re getting. If you’re just kicking the tires, you shouldn’t have to pay anything. Pricing should be very accessible to do some simple reporting, a bit more as you get into complex automations, and should scale predictably as use cases and users expand on your team from there.
  4. We firmly believe in providing the best possible product experience to you while also keeping your data private and secure. We don’t have any advertising on our site, we don’t sell any user data, and we spare no expense in building you the most powerful features we can. We also know how critical Parabola flows can be to your business, so we want to make sure we’ll be there for you for the long term. As a result, we have to make money to pay for all of that and we believe this new model is an extremely fair way of doing so.

For most of you, this change should feel like a welcome relief of predictability, more features, and permission to go wild with creativity. I’m excited to hear your feedback!

However, I also realize that some of you have become comfortable with the old pricing and are unsure what to make of this. I’m excited to hear your feedback as well! Our fantastic customer team is more than happy to get on a call to talk through your use cases, make sure you’re getting the most value for your money, and overall figure out how to get you to a good place.

I can’t wait to see what you build with these new, more permissive plans. As always, I’m available to see the cool things you build, talk through your frustrations, answer your questions, or otherwise point you in the right direction at

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We definitely hear the feedback from those of you who are worried they’re being forced to migrate. @brian added a post at the bottom of this thread to clarify, but the TLDR is:

  • Your current credit limit/price will still work going forward.
  • If you want to migrate to benefit from new features we’ll definitely work with you on cost. Just ask.
  • Based on feedback we’re working on a “Starter” tier for individuals/teams under five people. You can submit a request here.

Thank you Parabola team for building this amazing tool. New pricing is also very good and reasonable. I have a suggestion: Plus plan got 5 scheduled flows and Premium plan got 15 scheduled flows. Would it be possible for you guys to add an option to buy extra scheduled flows as needed? Thank you!

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@Pushpendra_Singh Thanks so much for the kind words!! It means a lot.

In terms of adding additional flows, it’s not something we’re offering yet but send us a note at – we can figure something out!

The jump from $80 to $400 to $1,500 is too much for us. We will just scale back or find another way instead. Sorry :frowning:


Hey David,

Looks like you’re already chatting with our team via email. We’re working with existing customers to make sure they’re not overly impacted and we’ll make sure to get you squared away!

This is a small catastrophe.
Especially the limit on steps per flow. Before I would need to pay 4$ to run three flows once a month - now I need to pay 400$?
I’m just a student with a small website that tracks all spending on political adds on Facebook in Denmark.

I booked a meeting with one of you guys, and really hope we can find a solution.



Let me explain our situation. I work for a nonprofit organization that helps people with cystic fibrosis. In the last months we’ve been working to configurate the flows in Parabola to send our online and offline donations and orders via Shopify to our CRM-platform. We made the decision to use Parabola because it was the cheapest way (time to configurate the flows not included) to get the work done.

Right now we’re paying 16USD/month. You’re offering a pricing that’s more than 20 times higher than what we’re paying right now.

I have to say that i’m utterly shocked about your approach and I believe there’s no way I can get my board to accept this new pricing.

I believe you cannot understand how much this decision will affect us as an organization and the cause that we’re fighting for.


Hi @Valdemar_Osted

Thanks for your feedback!

There may be a miscommunication, but I think you’re actually between the free plan and the Plus plan one step up.

We can definitely figure out something for you when we talk. We want to make sure we can find a good fit for your Parabola needs.

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Hi Kris,

We already responded to your email, but wanted to reiterate that we definitely want to take care of your organization working on such an important cause.

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about your situation – we love learning about all of the awesome ways that the community is using Parabola.

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Have you all thought about anything between the Free and Plus tiers? Unfortunately, this new pricing structure doesn’t allow a small user to scale up with the platform.

I’ve loved using Parabola so far, but currently only have 1 flow that runs on a monthly schedule. $80 just isn’t a feasible price tag for that small workload.

At the same time, I realize a Free user like myself doesn’t help keep the lights on. It seems like there should be some sort of very affordable plan with 1 scheduled flow, etc.


I have to say I’m genuinely upset! I have recently really been getting stuck in with Parabola as a tool, and now this?! Where’s the market positioning?? I pay $16 per month for Webflow, under $70 for the entire Adobe CC Suite, and now you’re asking for $80 per month and I don’t even get email triggers?

I understand that you need cash to keep producing an awesome service, and some more investment in your integrations would be amazing. But at least maybe a mid-tier for your more solopreneur customers?!

I’d happily pay twice as much for the credits I used to use! But now I can’t use more than 3 experimental, sandbox flows without paying an arm and a leg… Or I can’t try out a new idea on a free plan without deleting one of my regularly used flows?

Democratisation of programming? Pffftt


Hey @trevo and @Max_Shepley!

As Alex mentioned, if you send us an email to, we’ll make sure to take care of you.

Also, we appreciate the feedback on the solopreneur tier. Would love to hear more of your input when we talk.

I absolutely love Parabola, but I must say this is some bold pricing for the product.

I appreciate that you’ve tried to keep the new pricing model simple by only having 3 tiers, however the price difference between each plan is so large.

Plus, you’ve hiked the prices quite substantially. We’re paying $16 per month at the moment and have almost reached the limits of the new Plus plan. I wouldn’t have questioned a 100% or 200% increase in pricing, but a 500% increase?

Now any future uses of Parabola will have to be considered carefully because we won’t be able to justify going from $80 to $400.

Please consider @Pushpendra_Singh’s suggestion of being able to add-on additional flows.


Love Parabola. Pricing models are hard. But this is way off course and I feel the need to echo other user’s comments.

You could fit several tiers inbetween $0 and $80 per month for the smaller businesses and startups. Scheduled flows are essential but $80 is way too high an entry point.

Hope you can improve this pricing.


For me, Parabola is a great tool.
For my work tasks, I was able to handle data for free. However, now I would have to spend $ 80, making my entire business planning unfeasible. I understand your good intention with this new pricing model, but the main essence, in my view, that was democratization and sustainable scaling has been lost. I hope you will review this, as your main niche is being severely damaged.


Kris - I too agree, and am in the same situation.

I feel, based on the comments coming in here already, that we are just some of MANY users who feel the new pricing structure is ‘unfair’ and not at all a preferable change to the billing schemes…

I was, and am, more than happy to pay what I’ve been paying (also around $16 a month), but to have to jump all the way up to $400, is quite unmanageable and unaffordable.

I suggest/propose the team consider keeping the credit option for those who do not wish to do such elaborate, ‘enterprise’ style unlimited workflows, and perhaps ADD these $80 and $400+ options, available for those who would benefit from the unlimited features.


Hey @Yes_Captain

Welcome back to the community :wave: Really appreciate your feedback here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to send me an email at I think we can find a way to accommodate your needs and find something that works.

Hi @Karl_Graf – appreciate your feedback and kind words about the product!

As you mentioned, our intention with these new plans is definitely to simplify things and make them more predictable. We certainly don’t want to discourage usage or feel like we’re overcharging anyone. As our existing customers migrate over and new customers try this pricing model for the first time, we’re very open to iterating on the model to better meet the goals Alex laid out above.

Specifically, we hear the feedback about in-between plans, and would love to chat to get a better understanding of your (and other customers’) needs. In the meantime, we’re making every effort to take care of customers who have been emailing us at so please shoot us a note!


Karl, I too agree, and am in the same situation.

I currently pay $16 for a GREAT solution, with so much power and potential… But, to keep the value (and, many many hours of work designing flows and automations, many of which are plugged into other, external processes which I’ve coded JUST to fit into/from Parabola), I would need to bump up to a cool $400 a month… this is a 2500% increase !!!

Again - I feel, based on the comments coming in here already, that we are just some of MANY users who feel the new pricing structure is ‘unwelcomed’…

Perhaps a few who would stay on, and pay $400 will make up for the many, many who will not - but, personally, I am hopeful this move will be reconsidered, or, that the team consider keeping the credit option for those who do not wish to do such elaborate, ‘enterprise’ style unlimited workflows, and perhaps ADD these $80 and $400+ options, available for those who would benefit from the unlimited features?

I hold thumbs for the best on this…



I think we need something between the free and the $80 /month price.
I can’t understand how pricing would change for my current usage, which takes about 100 credits per month.