Introducing our community!

Today, we launched our community! We could not be more excited to have a space for our customers to come together, find answers to questions, ask new questions, and support one another. We look forward to continuing to support you get the most out of Parabola, and can’t wait to see this community grow and evolve!

Why did we build a community?

  • Our customers asked for it! We also conducted many customer interviews at the beginning of the year and a really consistent piece of feedback was that they wanted more helpful resources and to learn from other customers on how they’re using Parabola.
  • Our Customer Team answers a lot of repeat questions from different customers. We believe everyone can benefit from seeing our answers. While Parabola can solve for so many different, unique use cases, our customers have more in common than you might think!

What are our hopes for the community?

  • It helps all of our customers get value out of Parabola faster. They can find answers to their questions and unblock themselves quickly. Think about the repository of answers, tips, and inspiration we can collect together!
  • Our customers treat this community as theirs - asking thoughtful questions that might help other customers, showing off your accomplishments to inspire others, helping us moderate to keep it tidy and respectful, and providing feedback about our product and this community. We really want our customers to use it often and contribute to its evolution.
  • Having fewer repeat questions to answer is a nice bonus for our Customer Team too :slight_smile: Don’t worry, we’re still actively answering questions and helping in the Community. We’re excited to be more efficient and have more reach!