Parabola auto exits and not allows me to save changes

I’m trying to make some edits, first website is working to slow. Then, when I done editing before I click on “show updated results” to save changes it auto reloads and discard changes. I have to edit multiple columns of excel and need to do some mapping. But, it’s showing the error of auto reload and not save changes. I’m from Pakistan and my internet is stable. Can anyone please help me to get rid of this problem. I tried on different pc and browsers too. Same issue. Is this website not allowed in Pakistan?

Hi @Sibghat_Ullah- I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into issues while trying to work in Parabola. Is this happening on all Flows or are you only seeing this happen with one Flow? If you’re still seeing this happen, could you please email us a screen recording of what you are seeing to

I’m facing an error while working on I want to make some changes and it auto-exits and not allowed me to save changes. Also, the website is working too slowly. I have tried it on other devices and internet connections, and browsers too. But, faced the same error each time. Have tried clearing browser history etc and all possible things but, not working. I think the issue is from your side. I tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave browser, and Opera but, not working. All other websites are working which means my internet is ok but your website is not working. My internet speed is 30Mb/s. Please fix it today I have to do some urgent work. I’m from Pakistan. Screen recorded Video of the issue is attached. Also sent an email to the email address you told me. Please fix it fast. I have very urgent tasks. Thanks.

(Attachment bandicam 2022-11-29 10-39-48-694.mp4 is missing)