New steps to group and summarize

Hey everyone! I’m Zach, the newest engineer here at Parabola.

I want to share some recent changes that will help you summarize and group your data. Until now, the Group By step was the home of 6 uniquely powerful operations. We’ve now split each operation into its own step to improve discoverability and searching.

The same Group By functionality you’re used to now lives in each of these steps, with their own documentation:

If you have any feedback, reply to this post and let us know. Enjoy!


Hi @zach - I’ve been using the old Group By function extensively in my flow that I’ve set up so will my existing flows have issues whenever I have it in place already?



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Hi Aadit!

All existing flows with a Group By step should continue to work as they always have. For new or updated flows, you can use these new steps in much the same way as the old one. Hopefully it will make your flows easier to read at a glance.

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