New connection splicing with auto-spacing

Hey folks!

We’re following up on last week’s drop targets with connection splicing. You can now drag new steps onto connections to insert them into the middle of a flow. As part of implementing these auto-connection features, we had to rebuild a good chunk of the internal code that manages these connections, so you might notice some other stability improvements to connections in general. :slight_smile:

We hope that these two quality of life features will let you problem solve both forwards and backwards! As always, let us know what you think!


@zach this is great. But when steps are inserted in the middle of the flow, is it possible to increase the gaps between the following steps? It gives a cleaner look and doesn’t feel too “suffocated” if that makes any sense. It would help to have that as I feel it provides mental/visual clarity.

Thanks for the feedback, @Matias_O! We do reposition, but it’s helpful to know that you’d like to see even more spacing. We’ll keep this in mind for future improvements we make to splicing and auto-layouts.