Math operations with dates

Hello, how can I add days to a date that I currently have in a column, for example:

2022-02-25 + 280 = 2022-12-02

Hi Jair, welcome to Parabola’s Community :wave:

You’ll be able to calculate dates with a few simple steps in Parabola:

  1. Convert your Date to unix (X)
  2. Insert math column and add/subtract the number of days. Unix (X) is measured in seconds, so be sure to add/subtract the number of days converted to seconds
  3. Convert your Date back to your desired format

Here’s a Parabola Snippet of the screenshot above: parabola:cb:edf6f39f-95f8-46b6-a364-f72799094a1a
(How to use snippets located here)

Let us know if you have questions as you get this set up!