I need to add a due date by increasing 30 days


I have the invoice date on a column and as the due date I want to add additional 30 days into the invoice date and reflect it on the due date column. (i.e IF Invoice date is 26/01/2022 Due date should be auto calculate as 26/02/2022)

How can I set it up? and which function should I use?

Hi @Rahman happy to help with this! This can be accomplished by reformatting your dates and using an Insert math column.

The first thing you’ll want to do is use a Format dates step and change the formatting of your InvoiceDate column to Unix (X). Your date from that column will now be in Unix format. Once you’ve done that, add an Insert math column. You’ll create a new column (you can name it DueDate) with the calculation {InvoiceDate}+2592000 to add 30 days to your date in seconds. Once you’ve done that, you can use another Format dates step to convert your InvoiceDate and DueDate columns back to the date formats you’d like to use. You can reference the table at the bottom of our Format dates page to see the different formatting options.

Here is a Snippet of how this will look in your Flow parabola:cb:8c14966c-3f73-4bbb-9bb4-995e0148198b (How to use a Snippet in Parabola)

Let us know if you have any questions!