Limitations Update Frequency

I have tried a lot of other tools in the past like Zapier and Integromat and I’m fairly new to Parabola, but I already love the way it works.

Now to my question.
The problem is, that we need data from Shopify and other systems immediately in our MySQL database. As I understood, limitations are that max frequency for the flows are every 10 minutes. That would be a no-go for us :-/
Any chance to change that? that’s also the reality for data from API and Webhook?

Hi Marcel,

Welcome to Parabola - really happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed exploring the product!

While flows cannot be scheduled more frequently than every 10 minutes, Shopify can send a webhook to Parabola as soon as an event occurs. This will immediately trigger your flow and push data to your MySQL database. Please note, our webhook step is still in beta, so no more than 10 webhooks can be queued up while a flow is running.

Unfortunately we cannot decrease the frequency limit for scheduling flows, but hopefully webhooks eliminate the need.

Feel free to shoot us a quick message at outlining your use case and requesting webhook access if you are interested!

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