HubSpot -> Filemaker Pro

I have a flow that works well, but is manual. I trigger it when i get a form entry from Hubspot.

It then sends me a CSV of all the form data ever entered to my email, I cull the old stuff and save the new ssheet to my Mac and import that into Filemaker Pro.

There are a few issues with data validity that are annoying and I am slowly working through those but I will outline them here as they are quite important and I would think Hubspot would know about them but they seem completely unaware.

Epoch Dates
Hubspot records any date entered into a form as a Milisecond Epoch date format this however when it gets to Filemaker is 1,000 times larger than Filemaker can handle as it has a different format of epoch. I created a Filemaker script to cut off 3 zeros and the date resolves. But I would like the data arriving to be modified in Parabola.

Phone numbers
Hubspot takes a mobile number field and calls it a Text Field… but when it gets to data its not a text field and the leading zero is gone… you cant start a number with a zero of course. Thats annoying… Ide also like that dealt with in Parabola.

Lastly … automation… I really would like to have the data trigger off a webhook and instantly arrive in my Filemaker database… ! I don’t have the smarts for that … just wondering if anyone out there has done this and can help please ?

Many thanks
Guy and Amy

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Hey Amy,

Thanks for posting to the community!

Epoch dates (aka Unix) can be in normal (second precision) or millisecond (millisecond precision). In Parabola, you can convert that to any date format that you want.

If you use the Date Formatter step, you can set the Old Format to be x and the new format to be X to move your timestamp to normal Unix time.

That does sound annoying. Where is the 0 being lost? Before it gets into Parabola?

Do you know how to set up a Webhook in Hubspot? I think this tells you how:

And you will need to get a Webhook URL from your Parabola flow - which can be found when you publish your flow. I see that its already enabled on your account so you should have access!

1 you solved and thats perfect… 2 is solved by the community… with adding a ’ in front of the mobile… not ideal as i need to remove it at the database end again.

webhook is above my head so i would need a bit of help with that pls


In Hubspot, if you navigate to Automation and then Workflows do you have access to that feature?

No but i can get that if it would help

I believe you have to have access to that feature to utilize any webhook system, including ours. You would set it up so that a certain action, such as filling out a form, will then trigger a webhook that in this case would run your Parabola flow.