How to set operations for MySQL Export?

Hello! In the documentation for the MySQL Export, it says it is possible to apply operations such as Insert, Upsert, and Update. However, in the Settings for that step, I only see the following option:

“When this flow runs it will connect / will not connect…”

Where may I choose the specific Operation? Thank you!

Hey John,

You just need to connect data to it. So send an arrow from the step that has data you want to export to the MySQL Export!


Thanks for your reply! I believe I already have the connection made (see screenshot 1), but am still only seeing the basic ‘will connect / will not connect’ options (screenshot 2). I appreciate any more guidance you may have.

FYI I know there is data at the point of the ‘Find/Replace’ step in my screenshot, as I see it rendered in the Preview in the step settings (And it successfully exports to the CSV Export step).

Just to follow up here - I reconnected the step again, and now I see the ‘Operation’ and other drop-down menus. So I’m all set. Thank you.