How to prevent long integers from rounding up without turning them into strings?

I’m trying to use Parabola to access my company’s API to perform some tasks in the system. The flow needs to happen something like that:

  • POST call to “Create a collection” => Parabola returns collection ID
  • POST call to “Create an asset in collection” => Parabola should return Asset ID

The problem is the IDs in our system are really long integers that look like this: 6118361822122996244. So when I try to put it into JSON body, it gets rounded to something like this 6118361822122997000, which, of course, doesn’t work because our system doesn’t recognize the ID. When trying to pass this ID as a string, I get the "cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field AssetLinkInput.collection_ids of type int64" error.

I made the same calls from Postman, and it doesn’t round the numbers, so the first call (pass the ID as an integer) works fine, and the second one (pass as a string) returns the same message. I confirmed with my devs that the second error is on our side (albeit, expected), but the first one seems to be how Parabola handles those numbers.

I couldn’t find similar problems posted by other people in this community, so hoping there’s an easy workaround for this issue?

Hi @Tamara - Happy to help with this! Could you please reach out at and send over a link to the Flow so we can take a closer look at how this is set up as well as the error message you are seeing on your side?

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