How to? Logic of this flow

Hi all, I am new on this app and I have one logic question.
I have a flow that connect to an api to get all the contact emails from my email marketing software.
I need to connect to another API and grab all the tags (giving it by the api) for each email on the previous flow
the email with all the tags assigned export it to either mysql or google sheet.

I don’t know how grab the tags for each email. I dont know how to do the loop to search on the tag APi for each email I get from the previous api call

Hey Pablo! Use the API Enrichment step. Pull in your emails, and send them to an API Enrichment step. That will make 1 API call per row, and you can merge in values.

So if your data has a column named Email Address, and your API wants you to send it in the URL, you can do something like this:{Email Address} to merge in that column’s value to every request. In the API Enrichment step, you can reference a column name by wrapping it in {curly braces} inside the URL or the Body of the request.

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Hi Brian,

I have a similar question and tried your recommendation, but I’m stil facing an error.
Basically I started my flow with a “Pull from typeform”, I have access to the results of one of my form with several columns. I’d like to retrieve information from an API based on the data I get from this form.
Let’s say the form gives me a column with phone numbers and the data base I’m calling via API contains the matching email and lastname for these phone numbers.
I would like to enrich with API the pull from typeform to get the matching emails and lastnames for each phone number (so for each row a different resut).
I tried to include the column name between {} in the api url but it gives me an 404 error message saying it didn’t find any value for one specific phone number (While I know at least one of the phone number should find values).
Hope it’s clear…
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Romain_Duthoit - Can you post a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing on the API Enrichment step? How many rows are you passing through this step? Can you try filtering down to the one phone number that you know has values?

Just to clarify, our API Enrichment step will unfortunately fail if it comes across a row where the API returns an error. There’s a related feature request in our Community to improve this step to better handle such situations.

I don’t think I can sort typeform results unfortunately new answers get on top. There are 7 rows in the typeform results. In the screenshot attached, you can’t see the full message but it says "no element found for a certain record, and this record is not the first one or the last one of the column.

Arf, that’s the limitation I face then. For user generated content it can be problematic because users can make mistakes.

I will need to find a way to separate these results one by one to make it work for the good ones.

Thanks, Romain. Yeah, that does seem to be the limitation here :disappointed: Unless there’s something obvious about the “invalid telephone numbers” like non-numeric characters or the wrong amount of digits, this is going to be difficult to work around. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!