Help : line overflow


While processing my data I have encountered the problem of line overflow with a joined. I don’t know why, but my result should not have so many rows. I have 2 inputs of 15000 and 9000 how, is it possible that the result is over 5000000?


Looks like you are using the “Combine Columns” step, when you may have wanted to use either the “Combine Tables” step or the “Stack Tables” step.

The combine tables step will add additional columns to a pre-existing set of rows, and the stack tables step will put one table on top of the other (and add the row counts). Let me know if one of these steps solves the problem here!

Hello !

I’m coming back to you because of the previous problem for which I can’t find a solution.

Exactly what I want to do is to combine two tables by adding columns and rows, not to add a table below another one.

I have my first table which is 16000 rows long and the second one which is 9000 rows long. By combining them it is not possible to exceed 5000000.

Hi, happy to check this out further!

Feel free to email with a link to your Flow, and we will take a look.

Just so you are aware, you can either add additional columns using the “Combine Tables” step, or you can add more rows using the “Stack Tables” step, but you can not add both columns and rows in one step.