Google Calander API Limit

Hi, i am trying to automate about 9000 entries into a Google Cal via API, i took a look at the Google Cal API usage limit here Avoid Calendar use limits - Google Workspace Admin Help

I don’t think i will be hitting the API limit, but do i need to apply some rate-limiting just to be safe, or should i take any other precautions?


Are your entries a combination of events, emails, and invites, or is it a single entry type? Taking a look at the link you shared, there are limitations per entry type. Each one has its own replenishment period before resetting.

Have you tried making a request yet? If so, did you receive any error codes?

Hi, my entries are going to be 8000 calendar events without sending email notifications. I have sent it yet as i was looking for some guidelines. I was unsure about the rate limit and API limits

Given the limit is 100k for creating events and you’re not sending emails, this limitation will hopefully not be an issue.

Do you have a paid Google workspace set up already? There may be additional limitations if not, but assuming you’re all set there, you shouldn’t have to worry about their guidelines at this scale.

As a next step, I’d recommend trying to configure this API and create these events. Feel free to keep this post updated with your progress and other questions that arise!