Getting image URL from Google Places API

Hi there! I’m using the Google Places API to get data from businesses that are my clients and being able to show it. I’ve been able to get pretty much everything except for the URL of the images.

To get the image you need:

maxwidth or maxheight

I have all of these parameters but still fail to get the URLs of the images using the API enrichement. If I paste an example of the api request directly in the browser bar, the image appears without a problem.

I get a HTTP400 error type
The documentation says:

This request will return the referenced image, resizing it so that it is at most MAXWIDTH pixels wide.

thank you!

Hey Oriol!

That API is going to try and return an actual image, not the URL. So that won’t be usable in Parabola.

I would suggest instead using the Google Custom Search API with searchType=image set in the query so that you can pull back images based on some search criteria.

To my knowledge, that is your best bet for getting an image of a place.

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