I need export Automatically all orders to FTP folder

My English is not good, but you need to automatically export the commands and browsing sessions to an FTP folder. Someone who can explain.

Thank you

I too would like FTP export, especially if SFTP was an option

Hi @Gianni_Noto - Unfortunately, Parabola can’t export data directly to an FTP folder at this time. We have other customers exporting their data from Parabola as a CSV file or exporting to Dropbox/Box and then manually uploading those files into their FTP folder.

Thanks to @THOMAS_A_HUSMANN for already posting this feature request about it. Gianni, please upvote and feel free to chime in with additional comments.

Having the ability to save a json or csv file to a web server via ftp would make it possible to integrate the output data into websites. For example, I’d like to take a sales report from our POS for a given time period and turn it into a Hot Sheet on our website so potential customers could see what items we’ve had in stock recently. It could also be used with a webhook for any particular supplier to see the sales volume for their items so they know what to deliver.

Is there somewhere we could vote to have this feature added. Automating to send a flatfile to an ftp would be a much needed feature. +1 for this feature.

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I did a quick google search and this looks promising:


All we would need is a link to the file or some middleware that converts the json api post to a file.

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I use Microsoft Flow to accomplish this, send to Dropbox from Parabola and then use MS Flow recipe to pickup file from dropbox and send to FTP.