Finding Base ID when connecting to Airtable

Hi. I’ve been attempting to use Parabola for the first time over the past few days but cannot get past connecting an Airtable base.

I have inserted the API from my account. Parabola asks for the Base ID. I copy the name of the relevant base from my one and only Airtable account into the field and then add the name of the table.

I then get the error message:

Settings Error
Base or table associated with account not found

I have repeated this several times and the same error message comes up.

Is the Base ID different from the Base name - I could not find any info on what a Base ID is?


Thank you for your patience. I have since found the Base ID in Airtable Help.

Glad you were able to find the solution here! Feel free to reach back out with any other questions – happy to help.