Filter a table by name in row

Hi there,

Can anyone assist me in the best way to filter a table by the name column i.e. below so that I have separate tables for each name (without knowing the name before each API call)? I tried to feed the name column to the API again but did not have any luck. Can this be done when the data is in JSON or elsewhere?

from my understanding Row Filter requires that you to know the string in the row beforehand. I won’t know the names before I separate out the data.

Hey Connor - there isn’t a great way to do this.

One day, if you have 10 distinct names, you would need 10 branches. And then if the next day there are 1000 names, you would need 1000 branches. Because of that variability, there is not a good way to do this.

What are you ultimately doing with this data, that it needs to be in distinct tables?

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