Fill down / Find & Replace

Hi – Is it possible to fill down missing rows with the average value of all the non-empty numbers in that row vs just the value above it? If I calculate the average of all non-empty numbers in a calculation step, how do I reference it in a fill down? Alternatively, is there a way in find / Replace to replace empty rows with a formula i.e. average?

Hi @Mahesh_Balakrishnan! I think we might be able to get one of your proposed solutions to work. I’m imagining your data looking like either Table 1:

or Table 2:

Am I close? If I’m not imagining your data correctly, it’d be helpful if you can clarify your current table structure for me. Thanks!

Hi Sachi – yes, it’s like Table 1!

So your data looks like Table 1. And in that example, you would want the empty cell in row A to have the average between Value 1 and Value 3? And for Row D you would want the two blanks to be the average of Value 2 (which would be itself)?