Expand JSON Not working

Hi guys,

I’ve got a JSON column that contains keys (name) and labels (values) that I want to turn into columns with appropriate values in place.

How do I go on about doing this, any help?

So, from the image, I want to have columns called : Greeting Card Options, e-Card Recipient Details, etc.

Many thanks!

Hello @Kashif_Haque! Glad we discussed this and resolved it internally by chat earlier, though I wanted to close the loop on this thread in case others encounter it.

Currently if a JSON column has spaces in its name, like "Order: Discount Codes", then our updated step Expand JSON won’t auto-expand it. While our engineers work on this, please use the step Rename columns to remove spaces in a column’s name for Expand JSON to auto-expand it (like changing its name to "Order:Discount.Codes").

We’ll be sure to follow up on this thread once it is fixed. Should be before end of day tomorrow (Dec. 23rd). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Update: the Expand JSON step is back to auto-expanding JSON columns with (or without) spaces in their names! :heavy_check_mark: