Expand JSON not expanding JSON

I have a table with 34 columns, one of them has content in JSON format that I’d like to expand into their own columns.

The JSON data in the column looks like this:

	"location": {
		"country": "United States",
		"city": "Atlanta"
	"members": ["2222222", "333333", "444444"],
	"pubSites": ["aaaaaaaaa", "bbbbbbbbb", "ccccccccc"],
	"purchased": false,
	"_id": "565ca23e23237c587a3",
	"createdOn": "2015-11-30T20:03:20.232Z",
	"failedCharges": 0,
	"name": "Joe Doe",
	"owner": "5510c332e423c78f20f",
	"slug": "Joe-Doe",
	"website": "www.joedoe.com",
	"profileImg": "https://uploads.domain.com/23242342/5cf7f8800492323230a0_Logomark_RGB_Small.jpg",
	"about": "We create digital products customers love."

However the Expand JSON step is not expanding the content. I get an N/A on the selector to pick the dataset.

Am I missing anything? Is there a better way to tell Parabola to expand that specific column?


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Hey @Gustavo_Dias,

Thanks for pointing this out. It seems to be an issue with how we target and parse your JSON. Are there any cells in that column that contain blank values?

If so, try adding a Sort rows step to push any cells with JSON to the top of your column. Using the Expand JSON step, you can now parse that column by selecting Expand these non-datasets under the Non-dataset Options field.

The correct column to expand should show up!

Thanks @daniel nailed it!

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