Etsy update listings

Hi, everyone,

I’ve been asked if it’s possible to updates listings (Price specifically) on Etsy and Facebook Market place. Etsy looks possible with their API at first glance but I’m not so sure about Facebook.

Before I delve any deeper, is anyone doing this and if so, are there any guides or problems that I should know about, please?

Just looking for a headstart



Good question! It looks like this isn’t possible. Taking a look at Etsy’s documentation, you’ll need to use the updateInventory method to adjust prices on listings. This method requires OAuth 1.0 to gain access. Parabola only supports OAuth 2.0.

Facebook does have a Commerce API, but it’s in a closed invite-only Beta program. It does use GraphQL API which Parabola does support. Try reaching out to a Facebook representative for more information.