Enrich API question

Hi there! Is it possible to list the coupons of all the forms under this API using “Enrich with an API”, or it only allows to retrieve the coupons associated to a single form? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey @Pedro,

As far as Parabola’s functionality is concerned, this is 100% possible.

For each row you have in the step before your “Enrich with API” step, you’ll get data back from the Webconnex API.

So, you want to have a row for each of your forms, with a column called something like “formID”, so that you get back data on the coupons for each form.

Then set up the Enrich with API step with an endpoint like this


If you have a column called “form_ID”, which contains the ID of the form, Parabola will replace the {form_ID} in that endpoint with the actual ID for each form (as long as each form has its own row).

Do you have a list of the ID of all your various forms?

If not, I’m betting the “Forms” endpoint would let fetch a list of all of your forms from Webconnex, and that data would include the ID for each form.


Hi Brian, thank you so much for the time you took to assist me. I’ve been trying to study the Api documentation: https://docs.webconnex.io/api/v2/?shell#coupons but I can’t find any clue on how to list all the FormID’s

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Hi @Pedro,

Try using the Pull from an API step to make an initial request to list all forms. To do so, use the following endpoint:


The JSON response will return an id column. You can reference that column using the Enrich with an API step to list all form coupons by copying this endpoint:


Let me know if that helps!

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Hi Daniel, thanks for that. You guys rock. It seems to have worked in theory, but it’s taking ages to calculate and I only have 225 forms:

Any clues on what might be happening here? Thanks