Delete rows from MySQL?

We are synchronizing a Bubble database to MySQL hosted at AWS. The Parabola upsert operation has worked well! Our primary goal has been to keep the two databases in sync.

Our problem: When users delete items in the Bubble source database, we haven’t yet found a way to also delete those rows in MySQL. Is that something Parabola can do? Any experience out there on a good way to do this?

Hi @Shaun , thank you for reaching out!

Currently you can only Insert, Upsert, and Update to MySQL. If the ability to delete from MySQL is something that you’d like to see, we recommend submitting a feature request at Feature Requests - Parabola Community.

One workaround that may be helpful would be to create a new column in your database to indicate rows to be removed. You could then set up a part of your Flow to add an ‘X’ to rows to be deleted (through an Update), and use a database tool to then delete rows where the column has the value ‘X’.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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