Data sent from Airtable to Bubble is Incorrect

Hi Bubble user here,

I’m trying to export data from my Airtable to my bubble but the data that is being sent to Bubble is incorrect.

Below is the Airtable input data that I’m sending over to bubble

However what shows up instead is this in Bubble:

All 65 entries are there in the Bubble database, but all of the entries are the same instead of each individual entry in Airtable mapping to each individual entry in Bubble. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Hey @Pava_LaPere – can you share what your Send to Bubble step looks like (excluding any sensitive information like authorization, of course)?

Hey @andrew, here’s a photo of the Send to Bubble step:

Ah, I see the issue. To use a value from a column, you need to put the column name in curly braces. So to refer to “Name” you’ll actually want to do {Name}. Does that make sense @Pava_LaPere?

@andrew that makes sense! thank you!


@Pava_LaPere no prob!