Creating API Export for Zoho CRM

Hi, trying to setup an API link with Zoho CRM using the builder. It gets past the first bit where I log into my Zoho account and authorise the app but then fails to get the access token. I just get this :

An error occurred during authorization: Access token URL returned a 404 when making a request for the access token. More data here:
An error occurred.
An error occurred while processing your request.
Please try again later.

The URL it returns is :

I’m following the instructions from Zoho here:

Hope you can help to get this hooked up.



Hey Rob - In the OAuth process that we support, we automatically send the token as an Authorization header. Zoho requires a different header, which means that unfortunately Zoho APIs are not compatible with Parabola at this time.

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Ah Ok Sachi, thanks for letting me know.