Connecting wordpress and Witei crm via api and webhooks

Hello Parabola community!
I am new here, and will be very grateful, if you will explain me the possibilities and limitations of this tool.

I am now searching for the way to build automated dataflow between wordpress website and external crm called Witei.
The website is related to real estate business (wp-residence theme is installed), just as a crm. Both (Wordpress with a wpml plugin and crm with multilingual description fealds) are set for multilingual auditory. Both can work with API.
What I want to do is to get property data from crm(via webhooks), and automatically create and update posts(special post type in theme called “properties”) on website using wp api or some import plugins.

The other task is to get data about registrated visitors from from internal website crm, and create new contacts in external Witei crm.

Is it possible to perform such actions using superpowers of app?

Do i need to create some intermediate databases or csv files to achieve the results?

I can explain in detials what i wont to achieve, but i probably will need some guideness building a flow inside parabola.

Original plan was to hire a developer to make an integration, but if a can do it myself here, it will be just wonderful.

Thank you for answers!

Hi @Mikhail_Kozhevnikov - Welcome to Parabola! Glad to have you in our community.

For your first task:
If I’m understanding correctly, you want to use Webhooks to pull property data from Witei and create/update posts in Wordpress. Is there a reason you want to use Webhooks for pulling in the data? Alternatively, you can use our “Pull from API step” to pull property data from Witei on a schedule. Scheduled flows can run at most every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, Parabola’s API steps cannot connect to Wordpress’s API because they use a type of authentication that is not compatible with our API steps. If you are able to find some kind of plugin or workaround to create and update posts in Wordpress, Parabola might be able to help. FYI, here’s a doc you can refer to when assessing whether or not Parabola cannot connect to a certain API.

For your second task:
When you say “internal website crm”, are you referring to Wordpress? Or a different platform? If it’s Wordpress, we won’t be able to automatically retrieve data about registered visitors from the Wordpress API. If it’s a different tool, I’m happy to see if we can connect to their API.

As for creating new contacts in Witei, judging from these API docs I found, this seems possible to do in Parabola.

At a high-level, it appears that we will be able to connect directly with Witei via their API, but not with Wordpress. For anything involving Wordpress, you’d need to find some other workaround or intermediate database/csv file for Parabola to be able to update.

Hope this info helps get you started!

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