Connecting to the DHL API to track shipments, explore rates, create labels, etc. in Parabola

Connecting to the DHL API

Getting Started

Before diving in, we recommend exploring DHL’s API catalog to ensure that their API supports the specific use case you have in mind. Different APIs have different auth types/set up processes, so we also recommend familiarizing yourself with the specific API before jumping in.

Creating an Application

To begin using DHL APIs, you first need to create an application. This process will provide you with the necessary API credentials for the Authentication process.

If you’re working with an API that leverages authentication via headers (like their Shipment Tracking - Unified API), once you’ve created your app, you’ll need to find your ‘subscription key’ for your API call. Per DHL’s documentation

To view your API subscription keys:

  1. From the My Apps screen, click on the name of your app.
    The Details screen appears.
  2. If you have access to more than one API, click the name of the relevant API.
    Note: The APIs are listed under the “Credentials” section.
  3. Click the Show link below the asterisks that is hiding the Consumer Key.

For certain APIs (like the Freight Sales Invoice Push API) the process will be a bit different. If you need to set up a subscription feed for your API, follow Parabola’s documentation for generating a unique webhook URL to receive data.


To authenticate most DHL API calls, we’ll need to pass this key through a request header called DHL-API-Key. In your Parabola API step, create a request header and paste in your key:

DHL-Parabola Header

Leveraging the DHL API

With your API key good to go, you can start connecting to specific DHL API endpoints (tip: click the bolded name of the API to explore).

Additional Information

  • Some DHL functionalities are exclusive to their online platform and not available via API. For example, you cannot raise a dispute through the API.


Feel free to reach out to with any specific questions about DHL’s API or drop a comment in this post!