Can you put several Webhooks in the same flow?

Can you put several webhooks in the same flow?

For an app I need to create flows that manage Members signup, Member update, Membership cancelled, etc…

Each flow require one Webhook as a Source.

Can I put all of them inside the same flow? Therefore having several webhooks in one flow?
Do we get one Webhook URL per Source or one Webhook URL per Flow?

You get one Webhook URL per flow.

We’d recommend setting up one flow per action. The cost/usage will be the same whether you have it all on a single flow or separate flows because whenever an event triggers the webhook, your flow will run.

If you want to accomplish it in a single flow, it would depend on how your data comes in. You could send all of those updates through a single Webhook, and immediately route it to a different branches per action depending on the incoming data. But if the columns are radically different per type of update, then it will be tough!

Does that help answer your question?


Thank you Sachi, it does answer my question.