Automatically issue refunds with the Send to Shopify step

We’ve added a new option to the Send to Shopify step - it’s called issue refunds and its pretty awesome.

Huge shoutout to @Daniel who made this really detailed and interesting #show-and-tell post about issuing refunds automatically with Parabola, as his post was the inspiration for this feature.

There are two steps to issuing refunds in Shopify, via Parabola. First, an amount to be refunded has to be calculated, and then the refund can be created, which contains the transaction that sends money back to the customer.

Our new option takes care of both of these steps - just give it a list of Line Item IDs, their corresponding Order ID, and the quantity of item to be refunded. Once you have that data, you can set a few options, such as notifying the customer and handling the inventory change.

We’ve heard that a lot of the folks that use Parabola and Shopify together receive emails from their 3PL or fulfillment provider containing a list of returned items/orders. With this new option in the Send to Shopify step, automatically refunding those orders is incredibly simple!

Keep your eyes out for some recipes utilizing this new feature.


So awesome! I’m definitely going to put this to good use :slight_smile: