Assumptions on Ad Attribution for Analytics Recipes

Dear Parabola community. I’m exploring Parabola’s recipes and I just decided to go for one of the Paid Media & Analytics automations you have as I spend most of my days in such tasks.

Need to double check this; all these recipes use out-of-the-box last touch attribution, right?

As such, not only the results are unrelated to the reality, but also, since I see no cautionary notes, misleading for inexperienced users (juniors or not, such as executives or clients that wanted to try something exotic).

If I’m not missing something here, I find this omission quite disturbing. We spend hours explaining downwards and upwards the dangers of last touch attribution. Placing a related topic to a rather respectful and competent with numbers community such as parabola, could push many professionals back to the jurassic age of analytics & attribution.

I Imagine you understand that it’s nearly impossible to argue against the brainpower of parabola if one gets challenged.

A cautionary note in such recipes on the inaccuracy they might bear would allow everyone in my domain focus on what’s important.


Hey Periklis!

I believe it depends on the recipe - which one are you looking at? Would be happy to clarify and add a note to the page if needed!

Hi Brian,

Thanks for looking into it.

The safest way I would take is whenever reporting GA conversions in relation to another dimension, state that:
GA is using Last Touch Attribution by default. As such, while this perspective offers valuable insights (eg most frequent sales closers), it should not be used as the sole source of truth.

Suggested Reading: Attribution in Google Analytics

Should be enough to avoid any red faces :slight_smile:

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Being a while yet never dated @brian got this warning from Opteo for a new account I just audited.

. Closes the loop for the greater good