API enrichment - 500 error

Hi all
I’m currently trying to achieve the following flow:

  • Pull data from google sheets
  • Enrich data with API enrichment
  • Upload enriched data to google sheet

The API in question is a combination of 2 APIs: Scrapingbee + Instagram. The first is used to avoid Instagram API limitation while the second allows for data pulling.
Ex. of global request (Scrapingbee and in Italic Instagram: https://app.scrapingbee.com/api/v1/?api_key=QFNVD14299ZTBS7FT83JYHQ0XADCGUNB4K7XD9D01GZ9FRJS40MPT01G11BJ2UO56DZTXXI179R6T19H&url=https://www.instagram.com/kipchogeeliud/?__a=1

It was working the very first day pretty well and the day it started sending the 500 error.
Has anyone faced a similar case or has any suggestions on how to solve this?

Thank you all in advance.

Hey @Sardar_AZIMOV - 500 errors are usually temporary/one-off. Based on your post though, it sounds like the API Enrichment was working fine on the first day, but you keep hitting the 500 error no matter how many times you try refreshing the step?

If you are continuously getting 500 series errors, it usually indicates that something is down, such as the hosting service for the API, or another piece of network technology. Can you post a screenshot of the specific error message you’re getting?