Airtable VS Google Sheet with Parabola and Shopify

I create a shopify website with unique products.
I want to optimize this process : take pictures (1-2 max) of the product, write description of the product into Google Sheet OR Airtable, merge datas : photos with the good description associated, send it to Shopify. And in another way, when the product is sold, delete the row into Airtable or Google Sheet.
Airtable is better to have a row with all the information of the product including the pictures. But Google Sheet seems to be a much more popular and simple tool.
Do you have any experience similar to mine ? How would you do ? choose to go with Google Sheet or Airtable ? thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @Domitille_Desgranges

Are your images in a file format, or are they URL links? If they are URL links this should be possible. I might recommend starting using Airtable as it’s relatively straightforward to target and delete a record from your Airtable base.

Our “Send to Shopify” step does not support creating or updating products in Shopify, but you should be able to do it using our “Send to an API” step.