How can I do massive creations/updates of Airtable rows via API without reaching the


I’ve created a flow to collect and transform some data. At the end of the flow, I would like to create and update an Airtable base via API (POST and PATCH endpoints).

Everything is working well when there are less than 100 rows to create/update them but when there are 6000 rows, I meet the following error : “Given your Max Requests per minute limit and the number of rows, your step will take longer than 60 minutes to run. Please adjust your settings or pass in less data.”

Is there a workaround? I don’t want use a “send to Google Sheets” because I would like to use Airtable.

Thanks for your help.

I find this workaround, do you think it’s a good idea?

Capture d’écran 2021-03-09 à 14.28.15

In my example, I have 5332 rows to PATCH, if I split in 3000 and 2332, the two PATCH API actions seem working. I’ve also increased the number of max requests per minute. But my automation exceed 60 minutes. How can i do?

Hi Florent,

Airtable has a rate limit of 5 requests per second (or 300 per minute), per base. This means that if you add up the “Maximum Requests per minute” for all of your API export steps to Airtable, they should add up to 300 or less.

Since the requests happen at the base level, you should be able to only include one export step like in your first post. If this is the only step sending information to Airtable, you can make this value 300. If you have another step also sending data to the same Airtable base, you can balance the rate limit between the two steps (ex. 150 and 150, or 250 and 50).

If you visit the Airtable API page, you can click on your base and visit the “Rate Limit” section for more information.

Let us know if you’re still running into the issue where it takes over 60 minutes to calculate and we can look into this further. Hope this helps!