Airtable API: Invalid permissions error 403

Hi. I’m trying to use the Google Sheets importer into Airtable (Getting Tiller Money transactions into Airtable), but cannot get past Invalid Permissions.

In the Authentication dropdown I have tried selecting Bearer Token and have inserted my API Key from my own Airtable account, but I keep getting this error:

“error”: {
“message”: “Invalid permissions”,

I have seen in another post that it is correct to include the API Key, so I am unclear what the problem is.


Hi Andrew :wave:

Are you using the “Send to API” step, or the “Send to Airtable” step? The new “Send to Airtable” step was built to make sending data to Airtable simpler than ever, taking away the need to worry about authentication beyond inserting your API key.

Let me know if this solves your permission error!

Hi Adam_R

I think it’s Send to API as when I click on Documentation help for Send to an API comes up. I’ve just used the Tiller Money recipe.

My exploration of Parabola is now on hold. I may investigate how to recreate all of this in a different step to get around this problem in the future, but I expect it’s quite complicated.


Hi Andrew,

We just released the “Send to Airtable” step towards the end of March, so the recipe that you are referencing likely still uses the generic “Send to API” step. Once you switch out the steps and use the “Send to Airtable” step instead, you should be able to set up this integration rather quickly.

For additional information on this step, feel free to reference this documentation. Let me know if you’re able to send the data with this change!